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Thinking of my Nation


If I were the president
Of the this great legacy
We call our home,our country
Left to us long ago
By our long departed great fathers
I will strive with all my heart
To build with it a monument
Dynamic yet stable
Solid and strong
Like the great rock of Gibraltar
She will be the envy of other nations
The pride of generations yet unborn

Alas I’m not the president
I’m but a resident
Like everyone else
I can only watch and pray
Perhaps weep
For once there was a nation
Green and beautiful
Filled with potentials
Whose back is now bent
Under the weight of depression,
Corruption and segregation
One day soon, maybe
Our hope that is now withered
Like dying roses in the evening sun
Will receive a surge of life
And blossom yet again!

You and I may yet sing our nation’s anthem
Head high, chest out
And filled with pride
Shining as the stars
On a darkened night sky
And even though we all can’t be president
We will believe always in a new Nigeria
Vibrant, strong, dynamic and stable
Our country, our pride.

Copyright © Adeshina Aladeshawe



Picture used in this post was culled/ gotten online.

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