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The Zebra, the stool and the three legs by Olumide Holloway

Fodder is food fed to domestic animals.
But when you live in the jungle and you are called a Lion Fodder? What would be your vision statement?
Zebras are several species of African equids (i.e. Horse family) identified by their distinct black and white striped coats. The Zebras’ stripes come in different patterns, unique to each individual. They are generally social animal that live in small harems to large herds. In small harems, a group of female Zebras share a single male Zebra. 
Unlike their closest relatives, horses and donkeys, the Zebras have never been truly domesticated. They are sturdy, spirited animals: willful and playful, social and standoffish, resilient and vulnerable. Their life in a herd can be complex, but they also find safety in numbers.
They have excellent hearing and eyesight. Though they are slower than horses, but their great stamina helps them outpace predators. When chased, a Zebra will zig zag from side to side, making it difficult for the predator.
They are prey to almost all the African predators e.g. Lion, African Wild Dogs, Hyena, Crocodile etc. However, they are no cowards when it comes to defending themselves.
They are usually 4.2 to 5 feet tall and weigh 550 to 990 pounds. Like Horses, they walk, trot, canter and gallop. But they have a different temperaments to Horses. They are far more aggressive and a lot more dangerous. They have been known to kick each other to death.
To survive in the African jungle where they are on the menu list of most predators, the Zebras has a vision statement i.e. To survive by any means necessary, flight or fight.
Based on their vision statement, the Zebras have evolved into an alert, responsive animal that flees in the face of danger but also possesses a powerful response when cornered/ captured.
The first book I have read and finished for the year 2019 is “Risk and Return” by Yomi Jemibewon. It was a mind igniting, eye opening and brain fingering read. I think the Zebras have read it too or they are co-writers.
The book stated that: define a personal vision for your business/ career and be honest with yourself about the areas you need to work on. Think of this vision as a “stool” you need to build and determine what “3 legs” are required for your stool to become sturdy and firm. Make sure every job or role you take either helps strengthen an “existing leg” or helps build “a leg” that you don’t already have.
Lemme ask you, do you have a stool? What makes up the three legs of your stool?
The Zebras’ stool is to survive by all and any means necessary. Ok so, what constitutes the 3 legs of the Zebra’s stool?
These are:
1. Stamina/ strength/ speed: to out run predators.
2. Kicks: the Zebras have a powerful kick that can break a Lion’s jaw. So when chased or cornered, they kick out. 
3. Bite: Zebras are Savage biters. When captured, they will chomp on the capturer aka predator. Lemme remind you that teeth to skin is not like comb to hair. And the skin of most mammals is very sensitive.
Oya me that I’m even writing, what is my own stool and three legs?
Vision: own the biggest poetry slam franchise in the world (and best selling author in more 75 countries of the world).
The three legs are:
1. Competence: mental capacity (e.g. knowledge, information)  and physical capability (e.g. organising events).
2. Content: well, you are reading Chapter 11 or 12 of my 4th E-book.
3. Capital/ Investment/ funding.
I’ve the first and second legs covered, I’m working on the 3rd leg.
Wanna share your stool and three legs with me? Or perhaps, you need help to figure it out?
Holla, I’m always at your service.
Jah bless and Shalom!!!
Olumide Holloway (King Olulu)
All the pictures of the animals were gotten online.

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