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The WOW in WAW detergent by Olumide Holloway


Last night an advert gave me sleepless night.

No, it was not about the brilliance of the advert, which was your typical get dirty and then be made clean.

If you ask me, its the “same O, same O,” but only if you ask me.

What kept me awake was the inherent possibilities of making wordplay with the brand name.

The product is a detergent named WAW.

Let me tell what is in me head:

WAW – We Always Win (dirt)
WAW – Winners Above Whiners
WAW – its all about your “Well-being And Wellness”
WAW – Washes All-things White
WAW – Works Against Waste
WAW in WOW (War Of Words) – makes “Words Admirably Wonderful.” Note that “Words” can be replaced with “Wash.”

I also love this tag line adopted by a pension company:

“Tomorrow is looking good.”

The inherent wordplay, puns and punchlines that can be generated is mind blowing.

What’s your own tag-line and how well have you played with it?

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