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The Wealth of Poetry (issues poetry help to address in the society) by Olumide Holloway


The areas/ issues that spoken word poetry can address/ solve in the society includes the following:

1. Education: the minimum foundation for a poet is the ability to read and write. The more a poet develops/ grows, the more the need to read more, study more, know more and do more in terms of knowledge and information. Thus, the art form helps in increasing the level of literacy among people.

2. Entertainment: just like the growing relevance of alternative music in Nigeria, the same also applies to Spoken Word Poetry. People claim it is too intellectual, which is not entirely true, some poets have evolved enough to get their message across in simple but striking words that excite, delight and ignite minds.

3. Expression: everybody has the need to express themselves, and for people like us whose voice are only good for talking, spoken word poetry provides that platform to air our view creatively. Also, we have a growing number of youths who are using spoken word poetry as their go to means of expression.

4. Emotional Intelligence: poetry derives its strength from emotions, and helps with the ability to channel, control and express emotions creatively.

To be continued…

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