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The Unwavering Courage

Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom 

Life presents hardship and pleasure
Life houses injustice and justice
Life portrays cruelty and kindness
But I know certain men
Men who would defy all odds
To make their right and just choice

Honor to those men
Whose sacrifices to humanity
Is beyond measure
Greatness to those men
Who will break the chains
Of unlimited limitations
To slap unjust injustice

There is true valiancy in men
Who have slain fear
With the sword of courage
Courage oblivious to hindrance
Audacity superior to obstacles

I have seen people surrender
I have seen hope die
I have seen faith become faint
I have seen dreams fade
And I have seen green leaves become wry
But I haven’t seen the courage
Of these men depreciate nor deplete

Curiosity wears me like a cloth
For I cannot figure out reasons that back this mystery
But I could hear a voice
Uttering something logical
“In honest pursuit; courage never faints.”

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