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The Unquestionable One


He makes beauty in ashes
He raises the poor and makes rich
He rules in the affairs of all men and women
He does whatever He pleases and He’s unquestionable

He paid the ultimate price for our lives
Through the ultimate sacrifice, we became heirs
He promises eternity to all who genuinely seek Him
With good health and wealth He promises to satisfy us

His authority is unquestionable for His reign is immutable
For He is the one who was, who is and who will forever be
He is ageless, timeless and immortal
The gate of hell’s never prevailed against Him and never will

He’s not limited by gravity yet He controls all spaces
He submits to no one yet all are subject to His authority
As the potter does what he likes with the clay
So He does with us what He likes and continues to mold us

We are great works of His hands and proudly work in progress
We are made for His glory – light bearers and salt of the world
We are His creatures and He forever our Creator
He created us in His image so we could have dominion

Our mandate is to subdue the earth and to do all by His grace
We and our loved ones are all for signs and wonders
We’ll, for the rest of our lives, safely abide under His wings
For we would be nothing without Him


(C) Joseph Onele


Joseph Onele is a Legal Practitioner based in Lagos with several published articles in peer reviewed Journals and has a flair for writing inspiring poems with very impactful message. He is peer reviewer for The Journal of African Law (Cambridge University Press) and the Oxford Journal of International Dispute Settlement. He is also Contributing writer with The Arctic Institute based in Washington DC as well as The Kluwer Arbitration Blog (The Netherlands). You can reach him on thejosephonele@gmail.com.

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