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I see the greatness of the sky,
In it’s cloudy clumsy beam.
The timidness of the sun,
Down it’s scorching heart.
Our star is full of praise,
With wielded word bowing for it’s glee.
And the freshly made beautiful smell,
Of the rain seized the hour’s mark.

Winter wonder about the mystery-
of the moon’s charming calmness.
I could see the happy tears,
Of the morning meeky dew.
And that glory of the mythical creatures,
That made the sky their home.

Bees, birds and billions of worthy creatures,
Bewitch my curious face.
Jocund was I at night,
Gazing into the beauties it harbors.
I trekked tirelessly into the heart and arts of the sky.
My deep drowned loneliness forgotten,
And sealed sadness forgotten,
As I was accompanied by the mythical princes of the sky.

Under the garment of hope and truth,
Lies all worthy sky creatures.
The art of love I know,
Come far-away from the soul of the sky.
Here I lay in pensive mood,
Bewitched by the wonderous worth of the smiling sky.

By Olona Adeola

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