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The September 2018 edition of Wordaholics; a monthly open mic literary event, held at TEAMSWAG in Somolu, Lagos, splashed every available heart with specks of awe, sprouted by a perfect mix of entertainment and satisfaction.

Albeit the vivid moxie of the clouds to release a non stop pouring of raindrops, performers and spectators still muscled their way to the venue and the monthly literary event as usual commenced with an open mic session anchored by FreezinPaul at 12pm.

The open mic session had a pack of performers, the likes of Rebecca, KcPwesh, Olateju, Titi Matthews, Hossein, Cepahs to mention a few was loaded with illuminating and witty words that made all jolly yet felt peckish for more.

More performances jammed our curiosity like an escaped thunderbolt as our guest poet – Solomon SaintRhymes fixed all in an enthralling state of mind. His performances were everything entertaining yet as edifying as the word can be.

By the end of his performances, our stomachs were filled with satisfaction of entertainment, and since the usual words; iron sharpeneth iron makes mega sense to the organisers of Wordaholics, a platform for questioning was created as questions were thrown to the guest poet from various persons and to all, he responded in the best way comprehendable.

This month births the 3rd edition of the Wordaholics poetry slam which had the judges first scoring a sacrificial poet; BankHall as a barometer for the contestants to see what the judges would be expecting. The judges were introduced by FreezinPaul as SaintRhymes, JYC, Mr. Dipo Fagbolu and BWriteword as time and score keeper. The Poetry slam had 2 rounds; 2 minutes for the first round and 3 minutes for the final. The first round had 22 contestants, in which 15 poets dropped at the first round whilst 7 progressed to the 2nd and final round.

In spite that the weather remained clammy as all contesting poets climbed the stage to set flames in our ears, eyes and hearts with their power packed lines, which dropped our jaws even as we expressed our satiable curiosities with unending snapping of fingers.

As expected, after what seemed like a war where words took the form of swords and spears, Peter (Cephas) Afolabi emerged as winner. The inability of other poets (like Poetic Samurai, Blueflames, Penawd, Hossein d’Poet, Titi Matthews etc) to equal him behind the mic as he had higher scores on both rounds emanated from his limpid display of confidence to his uniqueness of style. First runner up was Blueflames and second runner up position made way for Poetic Samurai and Penawd since they had a tie score.

A cheque prize of twenty thousand Naira was awarded to the winner and with a new adopted style, winner takes all home.

The MD of Team Swag, Mr Odogwu, who also sponsors the slam, shows his delight at the turnout. He reiterated his continuous support for the arts and promises to make his premises available for the event every month. The convener, Ayokunle Komolafe of Komsons Studios expressed how blissful he gets seeing that poetry is being appreciated by the general public. One of the organizers, Mr. Dipo Fagbolu, who also played the role of a judge at the slam was enthused that the dream of having poetry as one of the mainstream entertainment genres is gradually becoming a reality.

Wordaholics; an open mic events holds in bars and restaurants around Lagos metropolis and at the prestigious University of Benin monthly.

The next edition holds on Saturday, 13th October 2018 by 12 noon at TEAMSWAG 47, Oluwadare street off Fola Agoro, Somolu, Lagos.

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These are the pictures from the event:

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