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The MADE IN NIGERIA Show Returns to Lagos this June 2018


Dear friend,

MADE IN NIGERIA is a Poetry Show that’s been touring the country since October 2016. What we are doing is this. If a woman falls in love, it feels the same in whatever tongue or tribe, right? So we write a poem about this. And the stories our parents tell, of the clubs the danced in and the music they danced to, have far too many similarities, even though you grew up in Minna and I grew up in Lag. So, we write a poem about this. About how it must feel the same to lose a daughter, whether the raid happens in Dapchi, Agatu or Uzo Uwani. Or the way a mother prays, in a country where roads are broken and jobs are hidden, before she lets go of her son’s hand and pushes him out into society. So, we write a poem about this. And in 120 minutes tell a story on stage that is indisputably made in Nigeria.

Yes, we have no sponsors. But since we set off we have been to Abuja, to Lagos, to Enugu, to Benin, to Ile-Ife, to Maiduguri, to Yola, and to Jos. We have travelled thousands of kilometres, by air and by road, and staged the show a total of 14 times so far in front of hundreds upon hundreds of people. We have invites to come to Kaduna, to come to Minna, to come to Port Harcourt, to come to Owerri, to come to Ibadan, to come to Awka, to come to Kano. But without deep pockets, we take small steps, one at a time, with faith and consistency.

So, all I am asking is this, if you have not seen the Show, take a chance on us. 2 hours of your time on one evening. Believe me, the price of your ticket is the ONLY funding we have. And if you have seen the Show, and were convinced like most who see it are, that this is something worth pushing. Then help us. Lend us your social network. Make your friend or work colleague or parent or sibling attend a show. For the only publicity we can afford at the moment, in truth, is your referral. Please, help us grow.

Back in Lagos this June.

Date: Saturday 16 June 2018
Time: 1pm and 4pm
Venue: Terra Kulture, VI, Lagos
Tkt: N10k VIP, N5k Regular (all tickets currently selling at a 25% discount @ www.simplypoetry.com.ng)

Thank you.

Warm regards,
Dike Chukwumerije
CEO, Simply Poetry Ltd

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