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The Joy…


The joy of new beginnings
Of starting afresh
Leaving the old behind
Birthing a new dream
Watching new life sprout…
That joy.

The joy of growing old
Of greying with fulfillment
Of finding solace in a life well lived.
The taste of aged-wine
The feel of driving a vintage car
Of listening to an old classic tune…
That joy.

The joy of love
Finding that one true person
The one who completes you
The one who makes you look forward to life, to living
The one person who gives you a reason to go on… The joy of completion
The thrill of starting and completing
Knowing there is no piece out of place
Nothing is outstanding…
That joy

The joy of leaving
Taking a breather
Moving on without looking back
No hinges
No clutter
Just up, and leave…
That joy

The joy of being human.
The highs and the lows
The findings and the losses
The smiles and the tears
The bursts of laughter and wails of tears…
That joy.

Pietrina 2018.


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