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The Irony.


I met a Mary who was not a virgin
I met a virgin who was never like Mary
Like i bought a phone that we know as blackberry
But I couldn’t power it because it had no battery

I met a Da Vinci who was never a painter
I met a painter who was nothing like Da Vinci
Like i met a giver who was never a preacher
And i have seen preachers who were never givers

I have seen comedians who are not funny
Tunde could make God laugh but he’s not into comedy
I have seen a Grace who wallows in sin
I have seen a Judas who abstain from sin

I met a Cain who couldn’t hurt a fly
I have seen an Abel who kills to get by
I saw a boy walking in the rain
I saw another with an umbrella filled with many holes
Bill cannot pay his bills
Lazarus could afford a golden gate

Can you picture the Irony of life
That many a times our truth are made of lies
Attracted by the container and later improvise
Out of patience to seek the content, life on the alter of sacrifice

Labels are deceptive
Containers are attractive
Hymen could be a sign of virginity
But virginity could be distant from virtue and chastity

(c) Olayinka and the new economy

Picture Source: http://themedicinejournal.com/funny-pictures/the-irony-in-medicine-is-hilarious-24-pics/

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