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The Game of Thrones and SWOT Analysis by Olumide Holloway


When it comes to SWOT analysis, there is a scene in the Game of Thrones show that played over and over in me mind and best illustrate the adoption of SWOT into an actionable strategy and tactics.

Lemme give a brief background and the scene:

A young lady (lets call her Puma) was training to be an assassin. The main trainer was a man, and there was an older female student (let’s call her Bilikisu) who did not like the young lady aka Puma and often bullied her.

Due to over eagerness, Puma went blind at a time and had to sleep on the street/ in a dark room under the bridge. While Puma was blind, Bilikisu daily engaged her in sword fights and beat and bullied her very well. For one, Bilikisu was a superior fighter, for two, Puma was blind.

After a while, Puma regained her sight but when sent on an assassination assignment, she did not carry it out. So a hit was placed on her head, and guess who the hit man, sorry, hit woman was ……..it was Bilikisu.

Day after day, Puma ran from Bilikisu to avoid being killed, cos Puma knew she could not beat Bilikisu in a “fair” sword fight.

However, one day, while Puma was being pursued by Bilikisu, she (Puma) ran into the dark room under the bridge. There was a single candle on. Bilikisu entered the room, locked the door and drew out her sword. Puma picked up her sword and waited for Bilikisu to draw close to her, and just as the sword fight was about to begin, Puma flicked her sword at the candle and effectively put off the light. Now the whole room was dark, no single light, and the door was locked, no outside help.

Guess who won…….and that my people is SWOT analysis and adopting SWOT into an actionable strategy/ tactic.

Let’s meet on Saturday January 19, 2019 at Word Up Talk Series (aka The business of Spoken Word Poetry in Nigeria 2019) and my friends and I will show you SWOT analysis for Poets and adoption of SWOT for actionable strategies and tactics.

Olumide Holloway aka King Olulu, who is not from Zulu.

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