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The finalists for War Of Words 3 Slam Poetry Competition



The theme for Season 3 of War Of Words 3 was  “What do Nigerians want,” and we got a total of 23 video entries/ submission from Spoken Word Poets in different parts of Nigeria .


However, only 15 poets can be selected to compete on stage at the main event on Sunday June 22, 2014.


So after plenty argument and disagreement, our in-house judges finally reached a consensus.  Though we must mention that picking the 15 finalists was no easy task. We know and appreciate the efforts put into all the video submissions.


We know each poet is unique in his or her own right and trying to say a poet is better than the other can be perceived as an injustice to creativity.


Thus, we say a big THANK YOU to all the poets who entered for the competition.


But the rules of the competition limits us to 15 poets, and we had to follow the rules.


The 15 finalists for the Season 3 of War Of Words -Slam Poetry Competition in no particular order, are as follows:



  1. Isaac Chris
  2. Foursyte Bogani
  3. I am Rage
  4. Stephen Yusuf
  5. Jemimah Ugiabe
  6. Graciano Enwerem
  7. Aquila
  8. El Karis
  9. Glory the Poet
  10. Israel Etisoro
  11. Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau
  12. Mr. Prestine
  13. James Ademuyiwa Jamesconco
  14. High on Words
  15.  Yoma Asorho


Wild Cards (in case any of the chosen 15 poets do not show up and to be chosen as listed):

  1. Madueke Chukwuemeka Charles 
  2. Adetimilhim Vic Adex
  3. David Atilola
  4. Timilehim Obisakin


(The Wild Cards will replace any of the 15 poets who don’t show up on the day of the Slam Poetry Competition on June 22, 2014)


Thank you all.


You are cordially invited to  “War Of Words 3.”


Date is Sunday June 22, 2014


Time is from 2.30 pm.

Venue  will be announced on June 2, 2014.


Gate is Free (but do buy a WORD UP or War Of Words DVD and Audio CD at the registration point, and buy yourself a drink when seated).


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