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The Executioner



I am in a hurry.
I can’t wait.
24 hours is so much,
yet it goes too soon.
Thus, there is never enough time.
Worse still,
time will take all the time she needs till the time is right.
she is usually always right.
I bleed tears,
sweat blood
and cry sweat.
But every process takes time,
else we all would give birth like rats.
They say,
time is money.
yet I can’t over spend the daily limit,
can only apportion amount spent per activity.
I wanna be an executioner,
kill time?
spend time?
Smashing my wall clock did not stop my alarm clock from ringing.
I know time will tell,
but I hope if there be a regret whatsoever,
let it be for what I did
and not for what I wish I did.



by King Olulu, not from Zulu

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Picture source: http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/magazine/articles/2009/03/01/the_executioners_song/


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