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The Car…!!!!



I love cars,

I love to drive them,

To be in control,

Make them jump when I press the controls,

Make them honk and horn for joy,

Service them as often as I can,

And walk away when the joy of driving the car is over.

Thus I have driven many a cars,

And well, crashed a few too.


Saw a car I really would love to drive,

The windscreen is one of a special kind,

With nice and attractive headlights,

A glistening and well tuned body structure,

Solid and well oiled engine,

And with a lovely, attractive and well rounded trunk to match.

It is simply a masterpiece.

I have a lovely dark car of my own,

A true masterpiece too,

And I love my car.

But I still wanted this car too.

I knew I couldn’t drive it for as long as I would like,

But I still wanted to drive it.


I made my intentions known,

The car didn’t mind,

Cos there seems to be a void I could fill.

But was told the car had a driver,

And that I could tag along if that didn’t bother me

So I hopped into the passenger seat

Waiting, watching and biding my time.


After a long while of not getting a chance to be at the steering wheels,

I suddenly found myself at the back seat,

The back seat was full, over crowded and very uncomfortable

I stayed there for a while,

Hoping I could still make it into the driver’s seat, even if for a limited time.

But I had always lived my life according to simple rules

And one which states, “Enjoy it, don’t endure it, or else… walk away.”


I was enjoying the ride no more,

I was enduring it,

Many a request I made was turned down,

And since I was not in control, I couldn’t afford to complain too much

So I still tried to enjoy it.

The back seat kept getting fuller, more crowded and more uncomfortable,

But the back seat was never a place meant for me,

I just had to get out

So I jumped out of the window,

No good byes, no reasons, no nothing.

I landed on my behind.

But I was happy I got out.


For a while my absence didn’t seem to be felt,

I also missed the warmth of the car,

I came to terms with the fact that,

I was probably being tolerated and not celebrated after all,

Then I noticed the brake lights were on,

And the reverse lights came on,

The car crept back,

Hesitant, but still crept back,

Didn’t ask why I got out,

And I didn’t bother to offer any explanation.



Now I stroll along the road with the car beside,

Would I get into the car again?

Well, maybe, or maybe not,

Or u know, on the condition that I get the driving seat,

But that would be selfish

Cos I can’t drive the car forever,

U know, I have a car of my own.

So now I walk,

Even though, I still would love to drive the car.



Olulu, the King not from Zulu

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