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The business of creativity is the art of turning…


The business of creativity (e.g. spoken word poetry) is the art of turning recognition into reward, and the science of turning intellectual property into income streams. – David Parrish

Every passion has value: this means that everyone can be rewarded for the pursuit of something they love doing.

Purpose – passion – product (of value) – profit.

Find your starving crowd – for it is better to make a product 100 people love, than a product 1 million people just like.

Passion is good but what do you bring to the market place?
Your passion must birth a product/ service of value.
The product is what you in turn present to the starving crowd.

To sell your product of value you need perception and marketing.
Perception is a mix of visibility, social proof and consistency.

Marketing is basically building relationships aka making emotional connection usually via personal contact – online or offline.
Personal contact is even more important when you are selling the invisible i.e. a service.
How do you get people to pay for what they can’t see?

I will be organizing a session on Business Planning for Spoken Word Poets (and other creatives) on February 1, 2020.

You interested?
Limited seats available.
It’s not free, but it is affordable.

Click this link for more details:  https://wordup411ng.com/wordup-talk-series-the-business-of-spoken-word-poetry-in-nigeria-2020/


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