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The ‘Beautiful One’ is Out 


The ‘Beautiful One’ is Out 

REZthaPoet Publishes Poetry Chapbook


Spokenword poet, RezthaPoet (Adebola Afolabi), recently published a poetry chapbook titled ‘Beautiful One’. The chapbook draws inspiration from passionate love experiences and the collective memory of a generation.  The digital chapbook is free but open to donations from individuals who will appreciate the craft of writing. ‘Beautiful One’ was published by Beige and Crow, an avant-garde publishing and content management firm in Lagos.


‘Beautiful One’ opens to the reader one of the many sides of REZthapoet, a lover of words who considers poetry as a conduit for interconnected life experiences. In ‘Beautiful One’ his poetry flips from the conversant cultural themes which he often engages to a modern texture that prods identity and existence in a sensual way.

REZthaPoet work, ‘Beautiful One’, is a profound contribution because it engages the subject of the heart with a certain mature ‘journeying’ instead of the expected ballad of teasing eros. In this chapbook, the temperament of a loverboy meeting the philosopher is a rich performance.

Balancing love and sex is a tightrope REZthapoet attempts in this collection but between the migrane of heartbreak and the surge of emotions, he crafts a fluid metaphor and memory, making sex a vehicle for many other themes. Sex simply becomes a backdrop or a pleasant gaze accompanying a musical sequence of philosophy.

Download this chapbook, it is a beautiful one. The chapbook can be downloaded from the links below:


Okada Books

Digibook Africa




Born Adebola Afolabi – Business Consultant, Poet, Poetographer and Spoken word artist.

REZthaPoet delves into different cultural and artistic shifts by using the spoken word poetry genre to educate, engage and entertain a growing and displaced middle class.  His most recent chapbook, “Beautiful, One” (2018), is a bold collection of poems that share experiences on love, sensuality, and lust as a departure from cultural silences. Exposit (2015), his Spoken Word album, embodies a beautiful hybrid of language, traditional folklore, transatlantic artistic developments and an accessible poetic content. He has graced several stages in Nigeria and across Africa for over eleven years. He has also worked on collaborative art projects with visual artists and music artists.

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