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The Airport by Wayne Samuel #WOWAfrica


I had baggage,
I don’t know why I packed it, but
I had baggage
and now I’m paying for it.

I came here to you to get away from it all,
to travel somewhere new find a city I could fall,
in love with,
a new city that was perfect.

See I was tired of the same old town
tired of the go around,
and my folks at home. Yeah they told me i was tripping,
but I didn’t care, you were an adventure I was seeking,
at the airport.

Well there must have been bad weather or some plane crash somewhere,
Cos when I got there, first thing I heard
you say, was
there’d been a delay, trust
was the only thing that kept me waiting there.
Cos I knew you couldn’t possibly stand me up after I had paid the fare,
plus i really hate what guys become when they defer,
love in the air,
for love on the road.
You know that comical, come and go love that gives up a fever for a common cold,
not, what i was looking for so no!

I was gonna be patient,
I thought your heart was in the cockpit not your brain,
I thought that I could be a convex upon your plain.
but then evening came and evening left
and just like that a whole day was spent,
waiting for your acceptance to lift me off the earth.
So that we could be two love birds in the sky,
with a love that would drag on over time,
I thought we could be two dragons breathing fire,
burning up oxygen and taking each others breath away,
where to I don’t know,
I thought were to get up and go,
away from this ghetto,
I thought that we would get to
truly love.

But that was before I was roused from my sleep,
and your flight attendant doused what little flame I could keep
before I was allowed into the warmth of your first class seat.

Ummmmm, your flight attendant said, a little nervous.
She’s not coming, despite all your efforts.
Well refund all your compliments if you let us.

Cos you’re a really nice guy, you’ve got the lofty language of a learned lover,
but your words couldn’t make her come or make her stay,
in fact you should’ve been more careful cos your earful was the jet fuel
that drove the daunted dove to flap flap flap her little wings and, fly away.


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