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The 3 attributes of Spoken Word Poetry that can help Businesses and careers.



Spoken Word Poetry is an art form that is widely used by speech writers, advert executives, and many other business minded people. Yet, the art of Spoken Word Poetry is not appreciated the way other art forms are.

In my daily romance with Spoken Word Poetry, I have come to discover three attributes of Spoken Word Poetry that can help businesses and careers. They are as follows:


Spoken words poetry is tool to increase the level of literacy: The foundation for any poet is the ability to read and write. The more you read, the more you know, and the more you know, the more you can write and speak about. In the quest to improve the depth of their poems and the quality of their poetry performances, poets undertake long hours of research to increase their knowledge and get a better understanding of the subject matter they write about.


Poetry is a means of communication: This art form cannot be performed in isolation as it requires the presence of an audience, no matter how small. The process of writing, rehearsing, memorizing and performing takes hours, days and weeks to perfect, and this is to ensure the audience feel the impact of the spoken words. From my own personal experience, I used to be shy and avoided speaking out in public unless I had no choice. However, ever since I decided to start performing my poems instead of just writing them, I am able to communicate more and pass my ideas across better, which has also helped me in public speaking. Nowadays, I am able to confidently honor public speaking engagements and well, I usually interlace my speech with a bit of poetry. What lead me to performing my poems? It was the realization that people react immediately to sight and sound than to what they can afford to read “later.” But this is a story for another day.


Spoken words and poetry is a genre of entertainment: Words are tools, and there is no better tool user than a poet. The words spoken from the mouth of a poet has strength, style, and staying power. Thus, a Spoken Word Poet can use his/ her poems to entertain the audience while educating and informing them at the same time. Each poet has a different style. Some poets talk about politics; some do comedy, there are poets who talk about sad events (enough to make you cry); poets who dwell on social issues; there are love poets and many more areas. Each poet brings a different perspective and a unique style to the stage when performing. The poets’ use of metaphors, similes, alliterations, punch lines etc. usually ensure the audiences are enraptured by the words of the poet(s).


The beauty of Spoken Word Poetry is its ability to wrap all these three attributes together in each and every poetic piece. Thus, I can prescribe Spoken Word Poetry as one sure way for people to improve mentally and professionally. This art form also has the potential of being a major means of employment for talented and creative individuals, and this is what informed the vision of our organisation.

Join us; let’s do what you can to help this budding industry grow. There is a whole lot needed to make spoken words poetry a household event, and there is a greater lot to be gained from it by individuals and organisations.



Olumide Holloway aka Olulu


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