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Thank You Jesus


I Want To Thank You Jesus!
There was a time in my life
when the world was all I knew
I struggled to find myself
and not one thought of you
I lived a selfish life
with thoughts of only me
to climb the ladder of success
and be all that I could be
I wanted to be beautiful
for then all eyes would see
and accept me by my outer looks
without truly knowing me
I followed like all the rest
and lived a life of fun
but when at night I closed my eyes
how quick the tears would come
I just want to thank you Jesus
for your death on calvery
the blood you shed to cleanse my sins
and bring salvation here to me
I can’t go back and change the past
I’d do it if I could
but my sins were nailed at calvery on a cross of wood
Just want to thank you Jesus
that you gave your life for me
even when I was blind
and the truth I couldn’t see
I know and love you now with all my heart
there’s no greater love than thee
so I just want to thank you Jesus
for setting this captive FREE!


Pastor Janet fears

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