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Tell her I love her…!!!


I am a victim of my imagination,

but I can’t say it all,

else you think I am hallucinating.

But I no longer see the future,

I am creating it.

Maybe it is not even the future,

cos I have already lived it while still on my bed.



Thus, sleep now deserts my bed every night,

leaving sleeplessness to ravish me.

She is insatiable

She forces me to penetrate her over and over again

And leaves me spent in the morning.

Then sleep creeps back to my bed

And wants to make sweet love to me.


My wife wakes me, “honey no work today?”

I usually almost say, “Yes,”

but reality slaps me in the face

forcing me to shake my head

and sleep then untangles her sexy body from mine.



Now there is an ongoing “noise” concert in my head

Yet the sound is not something I can dance to.

In between working at my desk,

My eyelids intermittently kisses the lower part of my eyes

My boss thinks I am dozing,

I explained the computer screen is too bright

So I have to close my eyes and nod my head

To exorcise the demons of modern technology.



Now my pen is bleeding on the pad before me

As I try to explain myself to thee

Perhaps you will understand all I am trying to say

Perhaps I will be the one to understand why you can’t understand what I want you to understand.

All the same,

Please tell sleep that I love her

And I need her shivering warmth on my body

For when we are into each other,

nothing else matters.




Olulu, the King not from Zulu



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