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That kid
That kid has a steaming story to tell
No one cared to care
Dad isn’t aware
Mum is busy minding her wears
I was that kid
Covered with heaps of painted pains and deep deceptions
I was simple and simply six-sincere and dear ,I was suppose to be with my darling dolls in my playroom
But where was I
Where do I live?
I live in the cold cupboard of taunting torture
In the arms of a deceiving deceiver
My uncle
He kissed my pale knuckles
He placed my hand on something so big,hard,so scary
Like a rattling snake anxious to unveil its venom
Coarsed my skin skillfully, with keening desires
Threatened me never to say a word not a sound to any soul
Even though I wanted to speak there was none to listen to my plea
I tried finding comfort in my shadow, the only friend that listen and leaves
Breathing on me like a wounded pig
Grunting and panting like one chased by a destructive dem on
Unleashing terrible terrifying terrific terrors
An inhumane human
My soul was cold to his touch my soul was iced but inside of me fire burns
Uncle it hurts
Pain again exploded in my brain like a bomb of fire
Bang… Explosion.. Intrusion… Destruction to my pride; my possession
I seem mentally drained and deranged,I wanted to tear off my flesh,pull off my skin and free my soul
Memories hunts my dream
And ruins my day
What am I living for?
I need Amnesia
Holding that killer pill
Ending my life at the end of one two three
You think I died?
Well I didn’t
Cos I heard Gods word from Philippians
To be careful of nothing but in thanksgiving,prayers and supplications let my request be made known to God
So I looked up to the heavens and I knew my help comes from The Lord
This words were truth and struck me like a rushing wind
This words gave me wings and now I can fly
Fly above my sorrows,the wasted tears I cry
And realize I live not for myself but for God
For those that has been caressed harassed by cold blades or swords that stabs through our souls
There is something to still live for
There’s still a light that shines in your favor
The light that dispels darkness
Now let my words give you  wings
And make you fly
Tighten your seatbelt and
Enjoy your flight
Echebiri Gabriella
Aka Blueflames
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