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Synopsis: an evening of poetic and artistic expressions in Makurdi, Benue State


On the 5th of august 2018, history was made as the first ever spoken word poetry and music event held in Makurdi the capital of Benue State, Nigeria. The first edition of Synopsis, a gospel event, had a fully packed hall full of people who had a fascination with art, a passion to unburden themselves and an inexplicable yearning for something more than art. The lineup of artists ranged from Spoken word poets/ published poets , rappers, Solo music artists, speed painter etc.

The event kicked off with the hosts Daniella and Xina Chuxs welcoming the crowd and the convener, Ahmadu Damilola Ajibola, thereafter addressed the audience about the vision of the annual event. The theme for this edition was ‘A New Hope’ which resonates from the happenings in the State in the past couple of months.

A line up of the artists that performed included
Yemisi- Poet
Chuks- Poet
Makdavis- solo music act
Enemona- Poet
Yinka – Poet
Drakare- Rapper
Vicky- Solo music act
Ruth Mahogany- Poet
Ugwu Samuel- Speed painter
Ahmadu- Poet

All the performances were punctuated with snapping fingers, shouts and different forms of expressions appropriate for a gathering of that sort. The artists were sizzling as they performed their art and the audience couldn’t get enough of them.

If there is anything taken away from the event, it has the consciousness of the power of poetry to unite and draw people as diverse as the wavelengths of light into a rhythm more colorful than life. Art has the ability to initiate even more when it centers on themes such as the gospel as lived by Jesus, it becomes a creative force in itself.

Synopsis is a medium of art for enlightenment, for reminding all those who yearn that beyond the walls of our two-dimensional lives, that there’s a real three-dimensional story that has the power to transform.

In the words of an attendee, ‘I came here as an art critic but left a believer and a worshipper of the source of all Art.’

More videos and pictures will be posted on the IG social media handle @synopsis__

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