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SWOT Analysis for Poets


Everyone know about SWOT analysis, you know, that analysis of identifying Strength and Weakness, and looking out for the Opportunities and Threats around.

How many people do it to themselves and for themselves?

Lemme leave people and focus on my constituency, poets, specifically, spoken word poets.

Pray tell, have you identified the Strength and Weakness within you?

Do you know the Opportunities and Threats around you?

Truth is, of what essence is SWOT without a strategy?

OK so how do we build a strategy using SWOT?

Well, by working with a SWOT Matrix, which is by pairing the Strength and Weakness within you, with the Opportunities and Threats around you.

We can break it down like this:

1. Strength Opportunities Strategy: what are the opportunities that are a good fit for your Strength?

2. Weakness Opportunities Strategy: how do you overcome your weakness to pursue opportunities?

3. Strength Threats Strategy: how can you use your Strength to limit vulnerability to threats?

4. Weakness Threats Strategy: how can you establish a defensive plan to prevent your weakness making you vulnerable to threats?

This I believe should make it easier for you to come up with a workable Strategy based on your SWOT analysis.



Olumide Holloway aka King Olulu aka The Poetprenuer

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