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Sex is a duet, son
Not a solo song
I plead guilty for singing alone
Playing my Organ with my hands
When I was young
Yea, I was wrong. So wrong!

Sex isn’t wrong
But Man made it wrong
As he sought to explore
A treasure so complex
As multiplex called sex

Sex is like performing a cappella
No interference
No instruments
No other participators
Save two lovers of opposite sex

Sex is like a return ticket to the Moon
When you’re onboard
You won’t want to return soon
Like being wrapped in a love cocoon
And not wanting to come out soon

Sex is like two fighters wrestling
No punches, only hearts beating
And bodies twisting and wriggling
With sweats dropping and dripping
When it ends, they both win

Sex is sweet
Sweeter than honey
Yea, honey in the honeycomb
Sweet with the Honey of your Home
The one you vowed to love forever

If you love this song
Let this hook repeat
Sex is a duet, not a solo song
Says the Poet
Sex is sweet just as they said
So I heard
But if sex wasn’t sweet
Why would a man drool like a dog
Or a woman always want a hug?

Sing this sex song
With your wife alone, son
May it never end!!!

by Saint Rhymes

Source: https://saintrhymes.wordpress.com/2015/08/01/sweet-sex-song/

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