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Substance Abuse “Message To Science Student” (Spoken word) – GAMiE


Drug abuse is at an all time high among our youths today. A recent BBC documentary on drug abuse in Northern Nigeria shows the alarming rate of drug abuse among the youths.
Another video also surfaced on Instagram showing a little girl smoking while being encouraged by an adult male. Thanks to the intervention of kind hearted Nigerians for rescuing the girl in the video along with other girls about the same age.

In addressing this issue I have put together a spoken word video titled ‘Substance Abuse’. I believe that we all have a role to play in the ongoing fight against drug abuse in our community and I’m using this medium to lend my voice to this noble cause.

Substance Abuse ‘Message To Science Student’ Spoken word is written and performed by GAMiE.
You have probably heard the quote ‘Evil prevails when good men do nothing’ Edmund Burke.

Audio/Visual production by Uppa Ruum Studios

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