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Stoats and the art of using Event Marketing to grow your Business by Olumide Holloway


Stoat, also known as the short tail Weasel is a small predator with a long, low sung body. It has an average length of 8.7 inches and weigh between 140 to 450 grams.

The Stoat has an orange/ brown back, a creamy white throat and belly, and a black tipped tail. It is larger than the similar Weasel, has a longer tail and has a distinctive bounding gait. Weasels don’t bound, but run close to the ground. Stoats are usually found across Europe, Asia and North America.

They are largely carnivorous and their primary food source is the rabbit. It also feeds on other small mammals, birds, eggs, earth worms, large insects and dead animals. The Stoat is capable of killing animals much larger than itself. If it gets the chance, it will do surplus killing of prey, more than it needs for food, and hide the rest in the den to eat later.

Like the Jaguar, Stoat kills prey by a bite to the back of the neck. Its a fierce predator and can move at speeds of 20 miles per hour when hunting. The Stoat tracks down prey by scent and once it is in pursuit, the prey has little chance of escape. It is also a skillful tree climber.

One distinctive and unique hunting strategy of the Stoat is engaging in a series of crazy dance moves consisting of jumping, falling face first, twisting on the ground, turning round and round, and falling severally on it’s back.

The crazy dance moves come into play when pursuit won’t work. So to get attention of its prey usually the Rabbit, it starts to dance like “a friend of yours” who uses all body parts and energy to “shake body.”

As the Stoat is dancing, it inches closer to the prey, pretending to ignore the prey, who is attracted to this odd performance and draws nearer to the front seat row. The Stoat then suddenly pounces on the nearest member of its audience, who becomes the Stoat’s dinner. 

What business lesson can we learn from this crazy dancer who kills and eat its audience?

Our business lesson can be drawn from the book, 1001 ways to market your services (even if you hate to sell) by Rick Crandall.

The book states that, “Event marketing means creating or sponsoring events that will be of interest for themselves. Then through your identification with the event, you derive publicity, goodwill, and leads.”

It added that, “anytime you’re willing to make a fool of yourself, the media will always bite.”

In simple English, a well executed publicity stunt by a business/ firm/ company, will always attract attention, and attention enables conversion of onlookers to dinner, sorry I mean, paying customers.

Like the Stoat, you don’t always have to chase potential customers. You need to find a way to attract attention to yourself, (even if you have to make a fool of yourself). Getting the attention of potential customers reduce the pressures and uncertainty of pursuit. 

Do you want me to teach you how to dance like the Stoat? 😜

We can do the tango and break dance and your customers will come running to buy from you.
Hope I have helped you.

Olumide Holloway (King Olulu)
Building capacity in people using words and poetry.

Twitter @olulu4ever, Instagram @olulutheking, +2348025070892, olulu4ever@gmail.com


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