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Hermosa Beach, California, USA --- African American man comforting crying girlfriend --- Image by © Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Corbis


I’ve been burnt so many times than I can count

It is truly frustrating and heartbreaking

But I still push on, in the hope that I will one day meet you

Who are YOU?

I’ve seen you in my mind’s eye

You are tall, handsome and somewhat dark-skinned

A man of high intellect yet full of humour

Someone who loves life and knows how to live it

You take my hand and lift me out of my quagmire of confusion

You show me what it truly feels like to be loved


How I long for you…

To finally feel the completeness

Of two souls colliding in an eternal dance of love and passion

We will need to let go of all inhibitions


To open my soul to you

And yours to me





The pain is excruciating….

How could I have been so stupid?!

To think this time around I would get it right

To think this time around this man would be right

To think that I could let go of my past…

The Abuse

The bitter fights

The Pain


To think I trusted you to take all those memories away

I put my shattered heart in your hands

You said you could mend it

Tend it….till it flourished again


I pushed aside my intuitions

My inhibitions

And most especially….

My Past

And I put my shattered heart in your hands


You took it.

And you crushed it


You made me feel like I could…

And would…

Never be loved

That this, was my Curse



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