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it will all be over.
Our nose will need no cover.
Our hands will bath in water without fear
of virus living in the air:
drying throats,
running nose
shivering whole;
mind, body and soul.
The mourning of our mornings forced to learn from Home
as prevention against COVID brought from a roam.
Causing a pause;
restructuring on works and lives
bonding families; husbands and wives
booming businesses once seen as flaws.

raindrops of our eyes will drip dry
as hands lock down quarantine
bridging gaps built by “social distancing”
we, will break free like the morning
caged by a dark night
of “Stay at Home” without light.
We’ll move with no fear about on streets,
play like nothing matters when we freeze this heat:
fueling spendings
burning earnings.
Soon, this will be over
Coronavirus and its fever
We will be together
with none of such reason to shiver.

© Solutionist Clementina

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