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I feel like going to war

With myself for all my faults

When I let down my guard

And cause me a havoc

To my dreams and the trophies I crave

No need to cry over spilt milk

I agree


But sometimes

I feel like going to war

For the many lies I’ve been told

Of how things will get better

If only I could grab banana like a monkey

Playing away my beliefs for some archaic tradition

Hoping my transformation will heal my addiction

To a new idea of how I could change the world

But even after many years the changes have never come



I feel like giving it up

All my struggles and hope of a better day

And settle for the bread of a daily living

Martin Luther had a dream but he never saw it

Obama only came many years after

What makes me think my dream will come in the day time?

When in the night time the forces can change

Who will tell my kids of their father’s dream?

When in their times they sleep in the day light

Playing video games on every gadget they see

Forgetting the usefulness of the technology they bring

Yet knowing night cometh; when no man can work



I feel like sending a message

With my pen for all my fears

To document off how much I’m willing to talk

Even when my muteness is making me drown

Though I chatter like a monkey just out of the zoo

I refuse the temptation of letting go

In secret, planning, I build my walls

Like the great wall of Jerusalem to prevent a fall

In the open I stand on the mountain top

Pretending to call on all to join in the queue

Yet knowing only the chosen could make the few


To some what I do may be a waste of time

Alleging me a sounding brass without a tone

But sometimes

I feel like going to war

With their brain to open their eyes

And let them know nothing happens without a reason

Even a mad man on the street act for a reason



Enigmatic Olumide

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