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Social Media; Societal Malady


You see, I tried to strike a converse with her,
But she was forming too busy on twitter,
I tried yet another tactic,
As I admired the redness of her lipstick.

“HI”, I almost blurted,
but stopped mid-word, as I noticed her wide grin.
“Was It something I said”? I had hoped,
Just as I observed the object of her gaze;
It was rather, something she had read:
She had switched swiftly, from Twitter to WhatsApp.

“Arghh! These darn socio media, I need to at least get her name”!
I’ve never, ever, felt so lame!

Beep! Beep!! My phone buzzed
I had a message on messenger.
I turned away from her and quickly replied it.
He replied me,
And I replied him
And he once again, replied me,
I replied him, and said my byes
I had to return to the cynosure of my eyes

I straightened my collars and cleared my throat;
I quickly revised my next line of approach.

But then she was…
She was gone…

“probably off for some Instagram selfies” I mused
“guess my only option is to slide into her DM’’ I thought.

I took a stroll, and headed my way
Just as my messenger beeped again!


Daniel Ikekhuah

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