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I see them everywhere
Some friends, some siblings, some bosses
Some lovers, some parents and even some priests
So small in their reasoning and little in their thinking

Living in the dead cozy place of their close mind
Envy reigns and rule on the dirty throne of their heart
At the slightest progress of peers and friends their belly rumbles
All their life is a fight and a struggle to win a no-trophy game

They are forever in a state of unrest
Checking the feeds every second that ticks
Spending their days on DPs
Wanting to know who else has grown
And risen higher than they are

They come to check your dress and address
And perfectly pretend to sincerely compliment
They read what you write not to learn
Listen to your songs not to dance
They just want to know if you are doing as worse as them

They come with questions about your care and concern
They inquire about your boo and bill
Sounding like they really deeply care
Hey! Don’t fall for it, they never do

If you truly want to know them
Leave their camp for those higher than them
Move your hustle to a broader landscape
Then you will see them in their real element

Picking fights over the silliest things
Complaining over trivial and hurting over nothing
They thought you will stay small like them
But now you’ve gone to grow!

– Written by Michael Adeyemi Adesola

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