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She wants me to forget.

She wants me to forget
The kiss, the hug
The words, the walkShe wants me to forget
The vows
That lie we told each other
The promises we murdered

She wants me to forget
That our friends once said,
“They are meant for each other”
That i did call her mother and
Told her I “love your daughter”
And even spoke to my mum about her

She wants me to forget
The way I forgot that meaningless dream
But who forgets a nightmare

She wants me to forget
Just the way I don”t remember
How many cups of water I drink in a day

She wants me not to remember
As if she is not important
As if she was not my song
As if “I knew her in vain
Yet her name always scream in my brain

She wants me to forget
But who will forget what happened
On September eleven
Even the unborn generation knew what happened
And as much as she pretends
Always relating with me like a normal friend
The more the pangs of pain

The teacher may not remember the student(s)
She punished
But the student can’t forget the teacher that punished him
Therefore I remember
I and what she wants me to forget know each
Other so well
We talk everyday

So how can I forget
That I admired no girl ’cause of you
That you were always in the frame of my future
Always in the plan of my purpose
Always in  my choice and decisions
Always in my dreams and visions
You were always there
Can you now see how I can’t forget

You want me to forget
That I loved you
But I remember I did
And still do
As day and night still lives
This memory will breathe
And my thoughts will never forget.


Richard Abutu aka High On Words

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