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She left…!!!


An angel she was,
Eyes glittering like sapphire and diamonds combined,
Skin radiant like butter melting in the sun,
sleek like the iphone 6 plus,
Beauty of 10 Arabian princesses combined,
This wasn’t a motion picture,
words will fail me to capture her true nature
Voice of Beyounce and Alicia keys,
She wasn’t an architect but she built castles in my head,
Now wonder my heart was locked and she held the key

She wasn’t a foreigner from distant land,
But from one of the states in Nigeria,
My own fatherland,
The moments shared now written on beach sand

This is not a love story
So it won’t fit seamless like Juliet & Romeo
But like a substitute playing a cameo
So she was in and before I knew it she was gone

They said we were like bonny and clyde,
So my feelings so obvious I couldn’t hide,
I dropped my ego and pride,
I never knew she wasn’t enjoying the ride

Yes we did had our quibble,
Like playing scrabble,
I thought I could spell,
Now I realized I was under her spell

Like a monkey loves banana,
So I could have sworn she did love me,
I never knew she wanted more
And before the season was over like gunners she was gone

She left,
I thought I was right,
Perfect and prince in shining armor,
Maybe to me I was,
But to her,
I was just another fool wrapped in aluminum foil
After all my toil, She left

I felt sad,
Poetry flowed out like I was running mad,
Thoughts, Broken,
If they could mend or tend,
But I found out it wasn’t happening to me alone,
It seems to be the trend in town,
We were all taken for clowns,
Our crowns we held in hand,
Knees resting on quick sand,

A friend once said, an element of truth,
In life never be sad if someone leaves you for another,
cause it is always difficult, and its not your fault,
Its like taking a camel through the eye of a needle,
convincing a monkey that Strawberry is sweeter than banana, indeed a true sage speaking,
She left, I may be sad now,
But not ever loss is a loss,
I will never forget that

She left,
Only helped made me become better,
Never became bitter,
I took her as alpha,
She saw me as omega,
No wonder things went south and gaga

In retrospect,
She didn’t leave,
It became clear I was being deceived,
So I woke up from my foolhardy,
And put an end to the comedy,

I left, she left,
Time will tell who went right,
And if who she will be meeting next,
Will be better than what she left,
Cause not all that glitter is gold,
Some are GL,
But ever girl knows where her heart truly lies,
Irrespective of the lies

She left,
Sorrow and pain I felt,
But then comes tomorrow and its gain,
I am better now,
Thank God, She left.

Now am above looking down,
Instead of underneath looking up,
Cause after she left,
I and God truly and finally met.

Now am chasing my dream and passion,
No longer on a mission for her,
She felt I would jump off the cliff,
But I became a cliff hanger,
With drive and hunger,
To do the impossible,
Cause I m possible.

Eureka! I remember,
Her name was Amaka,
Cause I was told to always follow where Miss Amaka led,
But when She left,
It occurred to me all this time I was being miss-led!


No more looking out the window,
To see if she will come back,
She is gone forever,
Though she is not even dead yet,
So no more regrets,
Like a CD i couldn’t eject,
But in my neglect,
He found me,
After I lost her,
And he assured me,
He will never leave even though she left.


Osagie Alex


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