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SHAPE OF YOU : The Definitive Piece For VAL’S DAY


When Wayne Samuel emerged the winner of War of Words season 5 he stated in a subsequent interview that the words of Word Up’s very own King Olulu had propelled him to steward his victory responsibly. And so far, Wayne has proved not only a man of his word, but the words of others as well as he has now released two tracks in the space of two months with a mixtape titled ‘Sunday Service At The Club’ scheduled for a March release.

The first single – a blistering 5 minute track set “unorthodoxly” to The Weeknd instrumental, was a lyrical Tour de force in which the artiste tackled the immodest pressures that the millennial is plagued with. You can still download the track here ( https://goo.gl/N2yfEh )

Now Wayne Samuel has returned with ‘Shape of You’ , a track which is on many levels a testament to the artistes ability for creativity by disruption. The almost 4 minute track features guest vocals from a Benin based crooner of Johnny Drille level artistry – called Osan on the chorus. Ed Sheerans lyrics are belted out with mastery by the singer, and one  would think this could overshadow the poetic element, but The Godfather as he is fondly called ensures that doesn’t happen by delivering three verses of alternatively paced lyricism that should have the ladies swooning. The track, no doubt deliberately, comes not too far off from Valentines day. Wayne ‘The Godfather’ Samuel, narrates the story of his dance with an exotic flame who has just recently escaped the lantern of a failed relationship. The flame flickers about him and the artiste is well aware that not only would he get burnt, but he will put her out as well. He calls on God for aid as he admits to his own debauchery.

Download the sizzling track here https://goo.gl/zTReBH

Watch this space for more from the poet. ( https://goo.gl/JTSLrJ )

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