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Seven was innocent until it was painting in Black

Once upon a time in years untold
I was never told
But it was made known
How men _sit-down_
Conceptualize confraternity
Right in the Ancient city.
Birthed with the motive
Of fighting the oppression
Against Black Men,
What a just course, indeed!
I didn’t stumble on this
Accidentally nor intentionally
Neither should you call this constructive criticism,
I’m not a journalist
At the battlefield
For this is my Art work
So call it creativity At Work.

Seven was innocent until it was painting in Black

This institution captured free minds
Truly life is not fair
Neither is it a Black man
But we were left with multiple choices
Even the leopards can erase their spots
If I lie, ask Michael Jackson.
And this make me doubt predestination
Except in the case of Jesus
Who never Priced
But payed the price with his blood
In obeyance to the Cross
Forgiving our sins
So forgiveness is not a sin
You are not _Anikulapo_
And so you don’t have to batter
Brains on the street of Gold
For the weapons of our welfare
Are not carnal
Be your brother’s keeper
Cain who pioneered death
Never understood the concept of brotherhood
He betrayed his brother in the hood
Right in the woods.

Seven was innocent until it was painting in Black

Perfection was misconstrued for brutality
Revenge was made the only option
Seven hunted down
Every birds and dogs at sight
Dreams were arrowed at
Sorrow and pain
Was registered on every hearts and minds…
Seven was an innocent man
But also a chameleon
His rhythmic sounds sound
Like the best advice on Earth
He’s gentler than dove
And he could also feed Eve an Apple.
Well experienced as the Spetsnaz
His conscience has been seared with hot iron
Although strong, bold, and fearless
He’s a man of many regrets
He told me
Remember the son of whom you are
Don’t get captured on campus
Don’t price what you can’t pay for
Don’t put tears on Mama’s face
For the mad man would surely rip what a tailor sew,
And there’s no hiding place on Earth
For what goes around comes around.

Seven was innocent until it was painting in Black

Seven can still be painted in White
Because pain never finish for market
We still fit channel this course positively
Make we mirror our act with the beat
Of our founding fathers
Or you waka independently
For there’s nothing to be afraid of
Because in Christ
We have full redemption
Whether Black or White
Make your choice right
Or you’ll keep on with the fight.

Seven was innocent until it was painting in Black.

(C) Geovanni Livingstone

Picture Source: http://bsnscb.com/seven-wallpapers.html

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