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SENSITIVE by Suli Breaks || Spoken Word Poetry


From Brexit to Vegans to Trump to Sexism & Racism. Everybody has an opinion on these subjects, but what do you truly believe? There is a new trend of people getting offended by EVERYTHING they see online. This is a message for those SENSITIVE people. Warning‼ You might be offended!! #hibas – LIKE & COMMENT!!

Featuring Jayda Pryce
Chloe Fox as Vegan Barbie
Matthew Ovens as Cpt. America
Dimeji Ewuoso as Mr. Monopoly
Fraser Mackenzie as Mr. Pot Head
Tornado Toby-Tiger Sharp as Oscar the Grouch

Directed by Sam Kinsella
Concept by Suli Breaks
Written and produced by Sam Kinsella and Dandelion Sharp
Art, costume and set design by Dandelion Sharp
Gaffers and Camera assistants – Daniel Arthur and Kerry Martin

Mixed & Mastered By: Chris Lambrou

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