Catch me Alibaba and the 40 thieves
After many years,
They’re still the most wanted
In an industry once taken for granted
Arrest them! Arrest them!!
Seyi, you know the Law
Never take your gift for granted


Call me a Basket mouth
I don’t mind being bold and rich
After all you have your own mouth eyin na Elenu
Open it mouth wide like Akpororo,
Let God fill it
Feel my swag?
If you don’t Like it
Don’t bad mouth it


So you said One day I go hammer,
I go build house, buy cars,
I go propose to my Princess
And make her my Lolo 1
I go save, I go dye my hair black like Kenny’s
I go do shakara like Mc Abbey
I go, I go, I go…..
Hold on a second uncle Damola,
If u keep “going to” you might end up doing nothing
So do it now!
Do your shakara now o
Even if wetin you dey wear na Sac o


You never cease to amaze me
That’s why i call you Emmanuel
Every minute I hear people boo harry
Because of the rise and fall of Dollar, Fuel price and more
Yet Baba says it’s okay son,
Let’s make it a laffmattaz
So i can laugh like Chimaraph


For real even the Ajebo‘s know
That this present hardship fit make you lepa pass Bose
Until you become a Funny Bone
But as a bonifide Omobaba
Belonging to the lineage of God’s dons
Like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
I prosper in famine
I prosper in every currency
We never fall short in this Family


See, if you know De Don
The real don; Bros J
Greater than bros Julius de Genius
You’ll be so secure
He’ll open Yaw eyes like Bovi
Show you your path like a Movie
On AY Tv


Even if your way no pure like a Holymallam
You’re still an Aboki-4-Christ
Cos his grace qualifies you
And he will make you great
He’ll give you joy
You’d be forever singing halleluyah in Acapella
He’ll strengthen you
So you can Bash every Osama
And triumph like Obama
Odogwu na ya will give you rest
No high bp, no Jedi Jedi


Now lemme point out the point of my pun filled poem;
Embrace your gift
And use it for God’s glory
Sure you’ll look senseless
But in the end, you won’t be centless
And even when you time is up
And your Life’s sim card expires
Your name will still be ringing.


Saint Rhymes

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