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Seed of life


Seed of life
I am a seed
wrapped inside
thick blankets
Covered and I’m safe
From impurities.

I am a seed
Vital I am to
You as deep within me
Lays the codes of destiny

I am a seed
The future is with me
Your whole life’s needs
Depends on me

I am a seed
I’m valued
I’m protected
I’m small
But I make a big difference
As I am life
I am nourishment
I can sustain you for your life time

I am a seed
Take care of me
And I will take care of you
And your whole family

I am a seed
Planted in good soil
I will become a tree

I am a tree
I am life’s experience
I will be tainted with impurities
But there is still good in me
I make the fruit
Hence the seed

I am the tree of life
My branch and leaves
Have seen the word

But with life sometimes you have to cut down the tree to save a fruit
But within me
Lays a seed

I am a seed hence
I am your rebirth
I am your reincarnation
I am life after the tree

Whatever you do
Will live on through me

I am a seed
I am life
I am life’s choices
I am you

Romaine Anthonio Davy © copyright



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