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I really don’t talk much,
let the walk do the talk, top notch
I reminisce on trying to climb up,
folks told me to go get a job,
so, I got one pushing a tow truck
On my kneels one day, I got stuck
trapped in a G-wagon, G in a horse… thought out the box, left the bandwagon
They say,” once it pass, it’s  past
Leave It behind, Let it go”
What they don’t tell is your ass is behind and everywhere you go.
Now smiling… Like the
rain I got you wet, without a break of sweat
That’s how we connect, it’s bluetooth without internet. No, we not yet
intimate, that is just my intellect.

Give an impotent man a rifle
He gets an erection,
he cocks it… in his insolence
thumbs at his chest as though with a bible
Am leading the insurrection,he says “pork it”
Standing on thin ice with a shotgun
Boom! pull the trigger everything goes south…Zoom the aperture of
your mind’s lenses,
The truth is neither glass or plastic.

I met the devil back in ninety six
breaking things I hope I won’t have to fix
It all started when I got my first erection
No-one to help point it in the right direction
Demons are inherent, Angels were invented
You know what they say about life giving you lemons
I made demonades from each one of my demons
diabolic! don’t you find that ironic.

Every time I free the blinds,I feel the darkness creep in,I gave my
life twice, twice I took it back in, it is almost like
the devil put a bounty on my head
I can only be a hero only if am dead
Hit the lowest low trying to get high
Y’all do what you got to do to get by
They say I back slide, I think I turned the next slide.

Do you want to watch the world burn? Why not let’s grab a soda while
we at it…3D glasses,front row seats, mushroom clouds, rotten
movie addicts, got to have it
Back to back box-office, it’s a hit
Trust me, you don’t see this one coming, Kamikaze…Damn! Popcorn is
missing, Pow! Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Bows… Kobayashi, catastrophic.

“What’s your emergency?”



Source: http://loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com.ng/2016/

Picture Source: http://www.politifact.com/wisconsin/statements/2016/apr/15/hillary-clinton/about-1-gun-sellers-responsible-more-half-guns-use/

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