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Say Her Name By Ms.Alle


#WOWAfrica SAY HER NAME by Ms.Alle

Sandra Bland took a stand
Her purpose was to speak for the injustice of the people who looked like her, walked like her and of coursed talked like her but unfortunately it wasnt much who recognized they are her!

Instead Nikki who’s connected to manji felt meekly for mil… Twatting back and forth taylored her body swiftly

Standing for a right that Sandra bland layed lifeless contradictly But take it from Drake we rather purposely believe what is fake… Subsciously allowing the man take over where we land … Subliminally convincing us that after centuries and centuries we can be equally yoked, easily provoked to forgive and forget… Be happy to blend in with …as they identify conveniently declaring a new black but white privilege circulating yet suffercating… Facebook debating …no indications, just quaaluudes … Sedating our mind and bodies… Distracting us so much we forgot we was ALWAYS the target!

But take it from Sandra Bland we probably be wrong to take such stand…
Have we lost minds in the fact that as we figureout what really happened with our sister that Burger King should be charged for 9 church deaths or do we need to call the ref to see whose the winner as Catlin Jenners is named a hero but serna williams is looked as a zero to a frog who sips tea or is itjust me but I am emotionally disturbed as Sandra Bland body slammed to the curb… Tape was edited but that’s nothing unheard…

Im so disturbed… You see the devil is lurking (whoever he may be) but yo concern is money so you keep on working for the man because you think it’s secure… Scrolling through instragram … Liking and liking but not even fighting when know it’s war against you… The black you not the new you … The african in you, don’t matter if you’re an American … They don’t like you…
When I say Sandra you say Bland!!!
Say Her Name


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