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S.I.O ( Say it out)…!!!




sio+FLIERSV11CURVES1S.I.O  is a spoken word poetry event that showcases the healing power of words
The event has poets from around the country performing on one stage bringing glory to God
This event is clean in every form, from languages used to messages producedsio+FLIERSV11CURVES1
The aim is simple we are healing people.. from their present , their past and if possible their future and in the process teaching them to see their positive relevance in their world
This event is non-denominational and non -religious and non partisan so we hope to see every one who is anyone be seated to watch poets as they speak to us
This  event would be held in various university campuses around the country
We hope to with SIO (say it out)
Awaken the conscious positive change in the hearts of the Nigerian Youths towards a better Nigeria
And also awaken the spirit to imbibe good  morals  in the hearts of our youths

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