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REZthaPoet – How To Win Elections


“How to Win Election” is a spokenword piece off REZ’s sophomore project, ably titled “Cold and Frostrated”. In consistence with the overall theme of the musical poetry album, this visual portrays Nigeria’s young people cum the poet’s frustration with the current socio-economic & political landscape.

Linking Nigeria’s stagnancy directly to the apathy of the elite and the political class, culminating in the annexing of the electoral process to do their bidding, impoverishing the larger populace thereby limiting their mental & economic ability to make choices.

This poetry piece holds a microscope to the actions and behaviors of the political class. Optimistic in it’s delivery to prick their conscience but most importantly to enlighten the masses and remove the wools pulled over their eyes.

To listen more to REZ’s poetry check this link – https://linktr.ee/createsolutions

You can also search for REZthaPoet on your most preferred Digital Streaming Platform (DSP).

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