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Restless and bleeding


Been restless
Since dawn
Nothing much on me mind
So I turn to do what I do
What do I have to say?
Travis said He’s intentional
So all things work for my good.
But it started on the hill to the cross,
And then the blood.
I think the blood is the key word.
Red washed me clean
But Green is causing me to grow.
Just like the dove brought greenback to Noah,
Signifying the beginning of life.
Its a new dawn,
Just saw a dove,
I bet that a cheque with my name is close by.
Maybe that is why I’m restless.
I’m bleeding green all day,
Every day,
So much that the greenback will come with a maybach.
Best part of it
No power of hell or scheme of man can stop it,
It’s a rocky affair,
So I’m perfectly poised in, on and with the rock of ages.

Olumide Holloway aka Oba Olulu.

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