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Rant and chant of a restless soul.


Permit me to engage in some ranting and chanting

Cos many are the things that comes to me mind,

but few are the words I can use.

Pumped up with so much energy,

But so little are the outlets for this surges.

So I scrabble and scribble

Hoping you will pause and read.



Perhaps it is because I am a restless soul

One who knows that time is the currency of this world

And it is never enough.

So what you have to do,

Do it quick.

But how many of us do what we have to do?

Many more, don’t even know what they have to do.



Permit me to be tired of doing the norm,

So you can go ahead and call me a non-conformist.

I would answer you with a smile,

Cos this life is enjoyed by those who choose to be different,

And being different,

Will most times get you in trouble

As it might require you making your own rules

And going on paths never once trod.



Perhaps it is the realization of humans’ unlimited capability,

the fact that all things are possible.

Yet fear holds us captive

Doubts paralyses us

failure blurs the reality of our imagination

and these stops us from stepping into the world we know we should live in.



Permit me to rant and chant,

Like John the Baptist of Old,

Cos the similarity of this wilderness makes me soul weary

and my shouting has warranted rebukes and slaps

and still I rant and chant some more

Cos time waits for no man

yet many men still do not know for what purpose they live

instead of living abundantly,

they continue to exist efficiently.



Perhaps it’s time to stop my ranting and chanting

Before you think I am a mad man

Cos my words might not make meaning

And if they make meaning the thorns of this world might strangle them.

But know ye,

that we all have 24 hours

None has more, none has less

any reason thou give for not fulfilling purpose in this world,

Is nothing but an erroneous excuse.


by Olulu, the King not from Zulu.


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