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Product, Content and the need for Clarity by Olumide Holloway


Bear with me a little as I say this in a way that you won’t understand, or maybe you will.

You are a brand, whether you are aware of it or not. So you can either be intentional about it or just live life till life leaves you.

Your brand is usually built by a mix of 3 things – visibility, social proof and consistency. Without the other two, you can be consistent in obscurity, after all even “real talent still need promo video.”

To monetize your personal brand using social marketing networks, two pillars need to be in place: product and content (quote from Gary Vaynerchuk).

Your responsibility is to birth an idea and push it out as a product (and/ or service). The market will determine the success or failure of your product. Don’t hold on to ideas with the excuse of perfection.

Remember, wisdom is the principal thing, but there is no University of wisdom.

That’s why foolishness is not an insult, it’s a state of existence. Someone must be foolish for wisdom to be appreciated (quote by Kunle Soriyan).

As regards your product: go deep, go niche and provide real value in the form of entertainment, information or satisfaction. Sell benefits not features.

Information aka content is your sacred product, and noise aka complexity is its pollutant. Guard your content with your life.

Good communication solves all things.
Thus, Clarity is expertise.
Clarity is direction.
Clarity is light.
Clarity is life.

Perhaps I can be of assistance and help you filter, simplify and clarify your message/information/ content.

Olumide Holloway aka King Olulu not from Zulu

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