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Money comes first
For the love of it is the root of all evil
Hardship comes second
Because it is a waste of one’s entire life
Poverty is a disease
That’s only cured by wealth from hard work

Intelligence is fair
And always helps the needy
Been a genius is bad
Because it makes you look foolish
Shake yourself off hatred
And be lovers of all things good

Enslaving is a disgrace
For it is an abuse to one’s life
Suffering is a disease
That is cured only by your hope
If we understand each other’s language
This world would be without troubles

Take heart my dear friend
For all I have enumerated above
Is for you to remember
And memorize by heart
Do not part with advice
For life is still worth living.
Mariam Campbell

Picture Source: http://socialstudies.mrdonn.org/powerpoints/current-world-problems.html

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