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Premium banking


Flash your platinum card and pass
we segregated by cash
the hoard listed in an unending queue
scowl at another teller or two
we separated by class
pampered just for the right price
see his well-manicured toes
gold pen and name prefix note
the lush sofa and snack largesse
Three dailies and live TV news
just to bring it all home
sit back and let this money work
elegant cheers to knowing regard
as we babble
of that last stop at Heathrow
and the uncanny frisk show at ‘de Gaulle
maybe he thought us too black
or plain pissed at the terrorists’ jab
we separated by quality of fart
so tell me of discrimination
and that skin colour crap

Bash Amuneni
Insta @ bashamuneni
Twitter @bash_amuneni

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