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PREJUGE by Kemi Bon


When did the race for the best race truly


It didn’t start with Hitler

and it sure didn’t end with him

The 1400’s or earlier still?

Incomplete, not the “right” color, not

the way “we” are so pain instill?

Eliminate, purge, erase.

The carousel never stops turning

Tellurians birthed a dis-ease

Rejecting the ease to accommodate

A fellow inhabitant

The disrespect for another’s

Opinions, views and values

got woven into the fabric

Painted on the canvas of

Society like art

Given away freely in

Religion, tribe and way of life

And living

Soon we all got a piece

of  bi-as

good, bad and ugly

An unsightly situation

That birthed

Thoughts like

Trans and gender

Don’t forget the inequality

Claimed by the weaker vessel

Don’t buy me an arse

I have a bi-as against that

I think therefore I am

Black, Yoruba, Kinky haired woman

Need I add that I am proud of that too?



** Prejuge – Bias

Poem Source: http://loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com/2015/08/poems-read-at-loudthotz-poetry-open.html

Picture Source: http://citypeople.com.ng/i/why-more-nigerian-babes-now-wear-their-natural-hair/


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