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Pot belly men of our great Nation
Ambassadors of poverty
Looters of National treasures
Breeding nest of corruption
Masters of lies and deceit

See what you have done
See what you have turns our daughters into
Making them slaves to vanity
As they make you embrace insanity

They feast on your pot belly
As you call your wives at home
With same lie night after night

Your daughter with another pot belly man
She is also feasting on his pot belly
While he switch off his phone
Lest his wife calls him from home

Pot belly men flaunts themselves
In their expensive agbada\’
Cruising in range rovers
Looking for young girls to de flower
With a trunk full of \”Ghana must go\”

Our daughters lost in the trance of naira
They give away their glory so easy
Like a child munching on akara
For an end reward of naira

Our sons stands no chance
They hardly have enough to fill their belly
they till soils and drill crude oils
Their sweats making their pockets swell
In a bid to marry
The pot belly pleasures…




Austine Parka

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